About Us

We are all about natural horsemanship, horseback riding, plain fun with horses and most importantly safety through a horse check out plan.  We teach the 7 Step Safety System in Natural Horsemanship to ages 5 and up.  The 7 Step Safety System was designed by Frank Bell who is a renowned Natural Horsemanship sage.  We have trained and gentled BLM Mustangs and domesticated horses.  We have learned from the best by participating in colt starting and horsemanship clinics with Frank Bell, the late Ray Hunt, Tom Curtin, Sylvia Scott, Ed Dabney, and BLM Wild Horse and Burro gentling clinics.  We have adopted and placed several BLM Mustangs and even competed with one in an AERC endurance event.  We have experience with AERC long distance and NATRC competitive distance rides.  We know horse trail safety as well as safe riding on the open roads.   Come learn how Frank Bell’s 7 Step Safety System can help you and your horse.  If you do not have a horse then come ride one of our horses.  We have gained an extensive knowledge from people like you, trainers, and most importantly the horses.   We also have first hand experience in raising a family with horses and we have gained a wealth of knowledge we can share with you and your family.  But most importantly, learn more about yourself,  the horses, and true natural horsemanship.



“Peaceful Valley Farms is by far the best thing we have found for our daughter! So happy we were referred to them. Thanks for everything yall do!!”

  • Shane

These folks really know what they are doing. I’ve learned so much from them.

  • Karen

A wonderful family with extensive knowledge about horses and riding, as well as safety and concern for their clients. My boys love coming for lessons!

  • Rebecca

I would recommend them to anyone. The whole family is sweet and nice people! They teach more than anyone I have ever been around.
They even got my 10 year old nephew loving horses and begging to go back already! Loved the whole experience and cannot wait to come back!

  • Alexis

Come have Fun And Learn Horsemanship from The Horses…